So, here’s something real about me…I have the worst food cravings imaginable! These cravings are worse than when I quit smoking (many years ago). How many of you suffer from food cravings? Let’s walk through this…several months ago, I tried an eating plan that cut out all grains, all sugar, many fruits (except granny smith apples and berries). I could still eat meat, eggs, most veggies (avoiding super starchy vegetables like white potatoes and corn). I had raw dairy. I could have healthy fats, nuts, seeds, etc. The point of this type of eating was to regulate insulin production and level sugar in the body. I did great on the plan. I felt great, had lots of energy, and even lost 7.5 pounds.

After the 6-week program, I started to gradually add grains back in per the plan. All was good. But here’s what happened next. I started to get careless and added in a little too much. Wheat, apparently, is the grain that triggers all kinds of bad things in my body, including these horrible cravings for more wheat. What I want to know is, how could I have gone my whole, entire life without knowing this? I’ve always eaten wheat…and plenty of it, too, and I sure do love it. I don’t remember ever feeling like it was causing a problem. I think I have become so much more aware of how my body responds to different foods that I just notice it more now. And I know that I definitely need to eliminate wheat from my diet altogether. I don’t have Celiac’s disease. For me, wheat is like an addiction. When I eat it, I feel pretty crummy, tired, low energy, bloated and puffy…yuck.

My plan now is to start over with the 6-week plan, and get back to where I was. And when I get to the point where I should add grains back in, I will know enough this time to avoid wheat.

That’s kind of how it is…trial and error. As you embark on your healthy journey, realize that you will encounter bumps in the road. You will eat the wrong thing and will feel bad. But you will become in tune with your body, and you will learn to interpret what it is telling you. This is one of the benefits of working with a health coach. I can map out a plan for you, and you can tweak it as you go along, as you learn more about what works for you and what doesn’t. I am here to guide you along in your quest for vibrant health. Won’t you join me?


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