Eating On The Run

Good morning, Friends! It’s a beautiful day here in Northeast Pennsylvania! I didn’t think the sun would ever shine here again, but it looks like spring has finally sprung. Today is one of our favorite local events…Athens Arts Fest. This event started 14 years ago as a very small vendor fair at our school. Today, it is a huge event with tons of vendors, kiddie rides, and of course, lots of food. And not just your everyday food, either…it’s the greasy cheesesteaks and sausages, blooming onions, funnel cakes, and loaded french fries that are only available a few times a year at events such as these. Before my healthy journey began, I wouldn’t have thought twice about sampling one (or several) of these delicious items. But now….what’s a girl to do?

Here’s my take on it….I know a lot about nutrition now that I didn’t know a couple years ago. I know that these foods do taste good, and the smells drifting through the fields at Arts Fest are still enough to make me drool. However, I also know that if I eat this stuff, I will pay the price with a giant food hangover and I’ll feel like garbage the rest of today and tomorrow. Is it worth it? Not really..for me, I’d rather eat before I go, and maybe find a salad or something (yes, they also have a couple of food booths that sell some semi healthy food). But here’s the other thing….you can eat healthy 90% of the time, and still live on the edge once in a while. So…if you eat healthy and are prepared to deal with some stomach upset, and a headache, perhaps, in order to indulge, then go ahead!

We have to learn to balance our love of healthy food with our love of life. So, if eating a big, greasy sausage at the fair makes you happy, do it. Maybe only eat enough of it to satisfy your taste for it. Enjoy it; savor it…and then be done with it. Have some nice green juice with lots of lemon, and a salad later. Cleanse your body; do some yoga. It’s not only about the food…it’s about living your life to the fullest and enjoying every moment. Don’t stress over it!

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