Hot Towel Scrubs

Hi Faithful Friends,

I want to cover a couple more self-care topics this week. Tonight, I’d like to tell you about another great stress reliever. Not only does this technique relieve stress, it stimulates the skin (the body’s largest organ), and the lymphatic system. We talked about how important keeping the lymph system moving and filtering toxins, bad bacteria, viruses and bacteria out of your body. You may have also heard of dry brushing. Hot towel scrubs are similar to dry brushing, but the hot towel scrub is relaxing and especially nice before you go to bed at night.

Find a relaxing spot where you feel comfortable, ideally your bedroom or bathroom. Draw a basin full of very hot water. You might like to add a few drops of essential oil. Lavender would be nice if you are going to sleep soon. Take a scrubby washcloth and dip it in the hot water. Focus on one body area at a time, face first, then your neck, shoulders, arms, etc. Keep dipping the washcloth in the water so it stays hot while you are scrubbing. Rub back and forth several times on each area. Your skin should turn pink, but not red. The goal is to stimulate the skin, not to irritate it. Use firm pressure, but don’t scrub too hard.

Avoid any irritated areas, and don’t try this if you have extremely sensitive, or broken skin. Use lighter pressure on very delicate areas like your face. Drink lemon water during a hot towel scrub to promote detoxification and stay hydrated.

This is also a good time to practice your meditation. It is beneficial to use deep breathing during this technique as well. You will feel relaxed when you are done, and you will notice healthy, glowing skin. Do this on a weekly basis for detoxification and relaxation. You are so worth it!

Do you have self-care tips you’d like to share…comment below and let us know how you take care of yourself!


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