Making It Work

Wow! Kind of a late night tonight! It’s been a super busy day. I had a lot to do, and I guess I got it all done. The highlight of my morning was doing a practice health history and consultation with a fellow IIN student. She and I seemed to have a lot in common and had a fantastic conversation. I feel like I learned so much by getting to chat with her today. The rest of the day was typical Saturday stuff – grocery shopping, the obligatory trip to Target, back to the grocery store here in town to pick up the stuff I forget while I was getting the main shopping done, a little food prep for tomorrow’s cook out, and of course, cleaning the bathroom! While we were at the store, my husband said he thought tacos would be good for dinner tonight. I wasn’t really feeling like tacos, plus, I’m really trying to avoid wheat (he likes soft tacos, and only likes the flour tortillas.) So, what do you do when you can’t agree as a family on what to eat?

Well, here are some choices…I’ve been through all these, so at the end, I’ll tell you what we do. I’d like your feedback, though. What do you and your family do when you can’t all agree on what you want, or when one person is on a modified eating plan and can’t eat what everyone else wants?

Choice #1 – Stand up like a boss and shake your wooden spoon at everyone in the kitchen and say, “If you don’t want to eat what I’m fixing, then I guess you’re all just gonna go hungry! Roar!” By the way, I don’t really reccommend this one, unless you want a mass rebellion on your hands.

Choice #2 – Fix a different meal for everyone. Ummmm….I don’t really reccommend this one too much, either. I don’t really have time to cook three different dinners, nor do I really want to…and I bet you don’t want to, either unless you’re a really super waitress/short order cook on the side. Plus, it gets pretty expensive to cook separate dishes for everyone. But, here’s an idea that will work. If your family frequently wants to eat different foods, prepare lots of different things on food prep day, like a chicken casserole, lasagna, enchiladas, etc. Place them in individual serving dishes and freeze them. Then when no one can agree, have a pick your own dinner night, and heat up the individual meals. Everybody gets their own choice. Voila – happiness!

Choice #3 – This is what I usually do; I modify meals. For example, today, my husband wanted tacos, and I really did not. He likes just a plain old, run of the mill taco meat in the shell with cheese and  shredded iceberg lettuce – no fancy stuff, no frills like sour cream or anything. I know, boring right? I like mine a little more dressed up, and as I said, I’m trying to eliminate the wheat products. So I made his tacos the way he likes them, but in a healthy way with grasss-fed beef, homemade taco seasoning (no MSG here), and shredded raw cheddar. Add his shredded iceberg…he’s happy. I, on the other hand made a magnificent taco salad with a little of the beef and cheese on top of some nice organic greens with salsa and a great big gob (or is it called a dollop?) of my raw sour cream. Yummy! It worked for both of us. We had pretty different meals from one basic recipe and we both went away happy. This is my favorite way to compromise. I will not compromise the quality of the food that I buy for my family. There are basic ingredients that I just won’t waver on, but I can be pretty flexible even when I’ve made out a menu for the week. I don’t waste food anymore, and our menu isn’t carved in stone. We can switch Tuesday’s salmon with Thursday’s cheeseburgers on the grill if it sounds better at the time. I say, whatever works to get good, healthy food into the family and all of us at the table together is a good deal. I hope you all will consider using some of these methods to do the same. Oh, and don’t be shakin’ that wooden spoon at anyone…

Have a great night, everyone!


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