Manic Mondays

Hi, beautiful friends! I hope you all had a great weekend and got all rested up for Monday. How many of you think Monday is a drag? How many of you feel recharged after a restful weekend, and are ready to take on the world come Monday morning?Now, I know some of us work different schedules – nights, weekends, 2nd shift, lots of overtime – but it’s really the same idea. We all have our “Monday.”

So what do you do to combat those first day of the week blahs? Or don’t you get the Monday blues? I’m trying to figure out why some people seem to struggle through Monday, and others are ready to go. Here are some of the things I’ve come up with so far:

  • I had so much fun over the weekend, I just don’t want to see it end.
  • I didn’t have enough fun over the weekend, so I feel like I missed out.
  • I’m not happy with my job, so I just can’t stand the thought of going back there.
  • I overdid it this weekend; I’m really exhausted.
  • I didn’t have time to finish all my chores – now I’ll never catch up.
  • The work week is really boring compared to the weekend.

There are several things you can do to make your Monday better.

  • Take some time Sunday evening to rehash the weekend’s events. Did you go to see a friend that you haven’t seen in a long time. Talk about the experience with your spouse or your children. Call that person on the phone and let them know just how much you enjoyed it. Recapping your experience will keep the memory fresh and help you finalize the event.
  • Make sure you take time to have fun! Plan a day trip to the zoo, go for a walk, or dinner and a movie. Firm  up the details ahead of time so you have something to look forward to during the week.
  • If you truly are unhappy with your job, maybe it’s time to look elsewhere. Or is it just time to have a heart to heart with your boss and let him or her know what areas of your work are dissatisfying to you? If you are a good employee, you might be surprised at what your boss will be willing to do for you. And…you might find out your job isn’t so bad after all. If not, write out a list of potential opportunities; making lists often helps you feel in control of your future.
  • Get some rest! Most of us are not as young as we used to be (ahem…) and we really can’t party all night anymore (or even stay up late watching HBO). Make sure you are getting enough zzzzs.
  • Set aside a couple hours early in the weekend to do the dreaded chores. Get the bills paid, do your grocery shopping, put the laundry away. This way, everything will be done, and you won’t have to waste time worrying about finding the time to get it all finished. Also…It’s a really good idea to ask someone to help you with chores. Even little kids can dust or put away their clothes. Be prepared for it to be imperfect (if you should happen to be one of those perfectionist types – not that I would ever do this), but look at it this way; it’s done…you didn’t have to do it, and your children learned a valuable lesson.
  • Have some fun activities during the week. How about game night after dinner one night? Take a walk. Here’s what I like to do. Monday nights after work, I go to Zumba and Yoga classes. I feel great when I’m done, and I sleep like a log, setting me up for feeling great Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday is my do nothing night; it helps me recharge and get through the rest of the week. Yeah, I can make it till Friday!

Combine all this with healthy eating and you will start to notice such a difference in the way you feel about your Monday! This has worked for me, and I’m sure it will work for you too! I wish you nothing but fabulous Mondays from here on out!


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