Meal Planning

Happy Sunday, Friends!

My famly and I were supposed to take a trip to the lake today for a little boating excursion; however, Mother Nature didn’t really cooperate with us. Of course, we were disappointed, but it did give me the opportunity to do some extra food prep for the upcoming week. And we are going next weekend instead, so I have something to look forward to for next Sunday!

Since I had the chance to prepare some extra food, I thought I’d share some about that. I know I talked about the importance of food planning and prep before — the theory of it, but today, I thought I’d talk about what I actually made and how it will help me out later in the week when I’m rushed with classes, school conference calls, and going to the gym after work.

I was really needing to get to the grocery store. I hate when I start running out of stuff because the family starts complaining about how there’s nothing to eat. I’m sure you’ve all heard this before, but this week it was really true! So, I went shopping on Saturday and came home with a boatload of nice, fresh produce and meat. Saturday night, I actually started marinating some chicken for kebobs. The chicken was actually supposed to go with us to the lake. Again, Mother Nature foiled my plans. So guess what we had on the grill today? You guessed it! And I have some left over for lunch tomorrow. You see what I’m starting to get at?

I also made a nice cucumber onion salad to go with the kebobs. I also have some of that left, and that is a dish that gets better the longer it stays in the refrigerator. It’s nice and light, and goes with everything. So, this will be a nice lunch item as well, and a side to go along with some burgers on the grill later in the week.

I made a huge pot of marinara sauce to put in the freezer – three quarts. I hate running out of sauce because it’s so versatile, and I can prepare several meals using marinara sauce. Now I can make chicken parm, or veggie lasagna with the eggplant that I roasted on the grill.

I also whipped up a batch of sugarless blueberry jam using blueberries and chia seed. This was something new for me…but it’s pretty yummy and will be a nice add-in for yogurt or on some sourdough toast for breakfast. And…I made a bowl of chocolate chia pudding. This was also a new dish for me, but I gave it a try and it’s delicious. It’s a total superfood, and something that we can have for dessert, or a healthy snack. Plus, I bought tons of berries and fruit to grab for snacks and to go with lunch or dinner, or even throw in a batch of muffins later in the week.

I have salad greens ready to go for lunch or dinner. This is a great thing to have on hand for a super quick, light meal or side to some grilled meat. I can throw a sweet potato in the oven and eat it with a salad. Voila…easy peasy!

Learning to do this every week took awhile. It wasn’t easy to get into this habit, but now that I do it, I feel very disorganized if I don’t prep at least a few things every weekend. You can kind of get an idea of all the dishes I can prepare from these foods. And doing it this way doesn’t lock me into a rigid menu. I can grab a few pre made items and throw together a delicious, nutritious meal in no time.

Next time, look for a post from me about how to create a properly stocked pantry. This is probably the second-most important aspect of healthy eating. So stay tuned….

Hope you all have a fantastic Sunday night, and are all energized and ready for Monday! Sweet dreams, all!


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