Primary Food

Tonight I want to talk to you about a concept of nutrition and diet that many people would argue has nothing to do with food. My goal is to at least convince you to think about it…primary food. Primary food, you would think, is the life sustaining nutrients that we take into our body three times a day (more or less, depending on your personal preference). Actually, this isn’t the case. Primary food deals with our emotions – the things that bring us joy everyday, and they are just as important as what we eat. When our primary food – relationships, communication, meditations, affirmations, self-care – is not satisfying, or we don’t get enough of it, we feel as though we are starving (emotionally). Sometimes this malnourishment of the soul causes very strong physical cravings or other issues like behavior problems in teens, drug use, eating disorders, and so on.

Nourishing our whole selves is so important to good health. When we are enjoying simple food in the company of someone we love, the food actually nourishes the body more than if we are just eating a quick bite on the run, even when the food is the same. When we feel relaxed and happy, we can digest our food better, sleep better, and feel better overall. However, when we are in stressful environment, noisy, chaotic – we tend to have more digestive issues, can’t sleep at night, and may develop physical ailments like weight gain, skin problems, inflammation, or chronic pain. We are opening the door for disease. When we have lots of stress in our lives, it is vital that we find ways to combat the negativity.

Watch over the weekend for more information about self-care, and developing nourishing relationships that feed our emotional hunger. It’s amazing how much primary food affects our health! Happy Friday to you all!


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