Self Care – Yoga

Hi Beautiful Friends! Well, here we are on a Sunday night, winding down the weekend, getting ready for the week ahead. I’ve been talking a lot about self-care because it is so important to our health that I feel like I need to devote some time to it. I’ve done some amazing recovering over the last year and a half, and one of the things that has really helped improve my health has been exercise. Probably one of the healthiest forms of exercise for me has been yoga. It has so many restorative benefits, and while I LOVE all the exercise that I do (Zumba, walking, B Camp), yoga has worked wonders for my whole being.

I am certainly not a yoga instructor, so I can’t tell you the moves, nor do I know any of the crazy, stand on your head stuff (although I hear that is very beneficial, too), but I can tell you what yoga does for me.

  • Yoga is very relaxing. It relieves stress, and refreshes my spirit.
  • Yoga is stretching. It relieves a lot of the pain that I experience from sitting at a desk all day.
  • Yoga is breathing. It helps reset my body’s natural rythyms.
  • Yoga is restful. I sleep like a baby after class – all night!
  • Yoga is fun. I don’t have to worry about looking foolish because I can’t do the moves or keep up.
  • Yoga helps with lymphatic stimulation and digestion. We talked about that a little last night too.
  • Yoga is a form of meditation. We should all meditate in some way every day.

I hope that’s enough to make you want to give it a try. If you don’t live near a yoga class, or don’t want to be in a group setting, there are lots of great DVDs out there that you can do right in your own home. If you have an on demand health and fitness channel with your cable or satellite provider, you can probably find some good yoga instruction there as well. Give it a try! Your self-care is one of the most important things you can do for your health! Sweet dreams to you all!


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