The Benefits of the Farm Market

Hi Friends! It’s getting late! But before I turn in for the night, I want to chat a little bit about the wonderful, fresh produce that will soon be available at our local farm stands and farmer’s markets. Right now, many farm stores are selling seedlings to plant so you can grow your own fresh produce. I was able to purchase some really beautiful tomato and pepper plants this past weekend, and I can’t wait to plant them and have fresh tomatoes and peppers. I hope I get enough to be able to freeze some sauce, and bell peppers to use this winter. Look for seedlings that are organically grown from non-GMO seeds. If you live in town or don’t have enough room to grow your own, you might try to plant some herbs in pots, maybe on your porch, or even on your kitchen counter.

One of the benefits of choosing a local farmer is that you can ask questions about how the produce (or meat) was raised. Were the cows grass fed? Did the farmer use any pesticides; did he get his seeds from a non-GMO source? Are the chickens that laid the eggs pastured? What do they eat? These are all good things to ask and you get the chance to develop a relationship with the hands that feed you and your family. This is such and awesome way to improve not only the quality of your food, but the good feeling you get knowing that you are feeding your family with high quality, nutrient dense real food.

Another benefit is that you are probably saving a lot of money by buying local. Produce prices are outrageous in the grocery store, and the food you are getting (even the organic produce) is still several days to weeks old by the time it reaches your grocers shelves. I purchased a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture – farm share) earlier this spring, and I cannot wait to start getting picked the same day produce! I also figured out that I will be paying less than $30 a week, compared to the $70 I now spend.

Think about this, too…you are making a positive contribution to a local family’s financial well-being, not lining the pockets of the CEO of Wegman’s or WalMart. You are helping someone buy their kid new basketball sneakers or helping to pay their monthly utility bills, not paying for someone to drive around in a BMW. There is so much good that comes from supporting our local farmers. If you are looking for local sources of farm fresh produce, send me an email; I’ll get you resources for what you are looking for. My goal is to help you find the best food you can for you and your family. Your health will improve, and you’ll be boosting the local economy to boot! You can contact me by clicking the contact link on my home page.

Hope you all have a wonderful night!


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