The Ripple Effect

Good evening, Friends! Whew…what a long day! I got to be really late last night and got up pretty early this morning. But before I hit the hay, I want to talk to you about what a difference good nutrition is making in my family. When I first started on my healthy journey, I was surrounded by, let’s just say non-believers. My family wasn’t really ready to participate with me. Well, that’s ok…I wsa just doing my thing, and they were still doing theirs. You’ll have that sometimes. Yes, it was frustrating for me as I learned more and more about healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle, but I lived with it. Even when I started losing weight and feeling much better, my family still wasn’t ready to follow in my footsteps…until….

My husband had a knee injury and was laid up from work for a while. When he was getting ready to return and went to the doctor for his release slip, they found that he had pretty high blood pressure. They immediately put him on a low dose of medication (over reaction in my mind…but they’re doctors, they don’t know any better). I, however, immediately planned what my husband needed to change in his diet. It was very prescriptive, and guess what….he said OK! So within two months, he has lost 20 pounds (I know, it took me a year and a half to lose 30!), and has lowered his blood pressure to a very healthy 114/70. His doctor has reduced his medication in half after only a month, and the goal is for him to be able to stop altogether after his next checkup. Oh, and guess what…he’s also feeling fantastic, has been able to quit taking Tums (we used to go through a bottle a week) and hasn’t taken Ibuprofen in about 3 months.

My daughter has been plagued with bad teenage skin, and feeling like she wanted to lose weight. She wasn’t really into the whole healthy diet thing, but with Mom and Dad both following a healthy eating plan, she didn’t have much choice. After 2 months, she has lost 9 pounds, and her face is really clearing up! We are so happy!

All this comes from a few healthy changes for them – cutting out soda, white bread, and refined sugar, adding in lots of fruit, eating breakfast – very simple techniques. The body really does have amazing tools to be able to heal itself if you give it the proper care and nutrients. I feel so blessed that I was able to help my family become more healthy. We continue to learn, and we do still have an occasional “treat.” One of the things I love is that instead of grabbing takeout food every night, I cook all our meals at home, and we share mealtime together most nights now. So, not only has healthy living improved our health, it’s also improved our time together as a family!

I hope you will give me the opportunity to teach you how to change your life too! You and your family deserve it!


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2 comments on “The Ripple Effect
  1. The Fit Mom Diary says:

    Same here – cooking at home has been the best way to control my weight…and keep my family healthy. Glad to hear you have the same experience!

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