Navigating the Grocery Store – Wrap Up

Hi Friends! I’m glad to be back! We had a wonderful, relaxing weekend at the lake! We watched the cardboard boat races – fun, fun, fun! We took the dinner cruise Saturday night, which is always a great meal and a very relaxing time. And, I had peach white zinfandel ice cream for breakfast this morning! Yes, I really said that! I know it was not a good breakfast, and I am right back on track with healthy eating now that we are home. I truly believe that sometimes we all have to loosen up those reins once in a while and have a splurge that makes us feel good. So today, peach white zinfandel ice cream was the splurge that made me feel good and I don’t feel a bit of guilt or remorse about it.

On the way home, though, we stopped at Wegman’s for groceries. I needed food at home since I didn’t already go shopping. I love Wegman’s because they have such a wide variety of food. I bought some ground bison to try. I’ve had bison burgers in restaurants before, but I’ve never cooked with it at home before. I also bought some wonderful-looking whole grain bread with sunflower seeds, blueberries and apricots baked in it. I always buy their fresh-baked sourdough, and the beautiful organic produce. This week, I bought asparagus and zucchini so I can make the asparagus stir fry again, and try making some zucchini pasta with my new veggie pasta slicer. I can’t wait to try it.

My whole point is, I still read labels to make sure I am getting the freshest food, made with the best ingredients I can find and afford. I look for USDA certified organic, and non-GMO project verified produce and frozen fruits and veggies. I find baked goods that use whole, organic grains, seeds, and berries. I search for nutrient dense foods, and check for sugar and sodium contents. I make sure there isn’t any MSG or unfermented soy in my food. I’m going to feed this to my family; I want it to be the healthiest possible food I can buy. Don’t get frustrated when you start reading labels. Allot enough time to be able to thoroughly look at what you are buying. The first time I went to the store and read all the labels, I was amazed at how many products were not very healthy. I spent about 3 hours that first time and didn’t even get much on that trip. I still read labels on any new products I am trying, and sometimes read the labels on my favorites to make sure they haven’t decided to change things up.

Even in a store like Wegman’s, where they have so many options to choose from, I still stay mostly in the outer aisles (except that they also have organic health and beauty products and  supplements, and a few other things in the center aisles. I hope these tips help you find the foods you want and feel great about eating! Tomorrow, we’ll start talking about eating well on a budget, something that isn’t easy to do these days. It takes a little planning, and often trading, to make a healthy food budget work, but there are lots of economical items out there. You just have to know what to look for and find recipes that are simple and full of nutrition! Watch for that tomorrow.

Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and a Happy Father’s Day! See you all tomorrow!

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